Pedalboard #104

Check out this awesome pedalboard Emmanuel submitted to us.

Emmanuel’s description:


  • PedalTrain PT-Pro-HC (PedalBoard)
  • Carl Martin Pro Power (Power supply)


  • TC Electronic Polytune 2 (Tuner)
  • MXR MC406 Custom Audio Electronics Buffer (Buffer)
  • MXR CSP202 Custom Comp (Compressor)
  • Xotic RC Booster (Boost)
  • Dunlop GCB95 CryBaby (Wah)
  • Palmer Octobus (Switch)


  1. Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator (Acoustic Simulator)
  2. Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone (Phaser)
  3. Maxon OD-808 (Overdrive)
  4. Mesa Boogie Throttle Box (Distortion)
  5. MXR M234 Analog Chorus (Chorus)
  6. Ibanez FL9 Flanger (Flanger)
  7. Boss PS-6 Harmonist (Harmoniser)
  8. Electro-Harmonix #1 Echo (Delay)


  • Strymon Bluesky Reverberator (Reverb)
  • Mesa Boogie Five-Band Graphic (Graphic EQ)
  • ISP Technologies Decimator Pedal V-II (Noise Reduction)


I use this pedalboard for all my musical projects.

It is plugged into the clean channel of a Peavey Valveking 50 II Combo ( 1×12 / 50W ).

The original speaker was replaced by a Celestion Vintage 30 (16 Ohms).

I can play every styles with (rock, blues, funk, jazz, fusion), even if I mainly play progressive metal.

The idea is to use analog/vintage technology for a modern sound that remains organic. Even if it sounds really good (and it’s extremely convenient), I think that the FractalAudio’s AxeFX ( my first choice ) demonstred a lack of personality. All guitarists who uses it sound the same.

Emmanuel plan to change (at the same place in the chain):

  • MXR CSP202 Custom Comp by Keeley C4 Compressor
  • Dunlop GCB95 CryBaby by G Lab Wowee-Wah
  • Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone by MXR Phase 99 MXR Custom Shop (Phaser)
  • Maxon OD-808 by Fulltone OCD (Overdrive)
  • MXR M234 Analog Chorus by Jam Pedals WaterFall (Chorus)
  • Electro-Harmonix #1 Echo by Wampler Faux Tape Echo Delay

What do you guys think…?

Pedalboard #102

Here’s a very nice and compact pedalboard from Dariusz (follow Dariusz on instagram)

His signalchain: Tuner – EHX SoulFood – EHX Big Muff Pi – OCD – Eventide H9 – Holy Grail

Hy im Dariusz from Germany. I play in three bands. With two different Amps (Peavey Blues Classic 1×15 Two Channels, Peavey Windsor 2×12 One Channel). The Heart of my Rig is the Musicom. To change pedals and even my amp channel/springreverb in a preset makes my live easier. I changed a lot of pedals over the years, but the musicom stays on the board. The H9 in combination with the musicom an its midi capability i can get a lot of different sounds with just a push of a button. Right now im Happy with the rig. But im sure i will always try to find the perfekt OD/Distortion.

Dariusz plays in a lot of bands. Check ’em out and I’ll guess you’ll be able to hear his board in action:

Frida (Instrumental Rock), Phonogramm (German Pop Rock) and Straighters Of The Universe (SpaceElectroRockCoverVariete)


Pedalboard #101

We received this awesome pedalboard submission from Matt Druprez. Read below his own description.

I love playing ambient space filled music having multiple delays at different points in my chain allows me to layers and create huge sounds. I play mostly in a church setting and the ability to preset songs with the midi controlled pedals is fantastic.

I stack my drives generally having my boost and compression always on. I generally run fairly clean amps and let the drives be my overdriven tone. For lead lines I use the Organizer or when I’m doing swells its super versatile.

I love playing stereo!!

Thank you Matt for sending in a picture and description of your awesome pedalboard.