Pedalboard #102

Here’s a very nice and compact pedalboard from Dariusz (follow Dariusz on instagram)

His signalchain: Tuner – EHX SoulFood – EHX Big Muff Pi – OCD – Eventide H9 – Holy Grail

Hy im Dariusz from Germany. I play in three bands. With two different Amps (Peavey Blues Classic 1×15 Two Channels, Peavey Windsor 2×12 One Channel). The Heart of my Rig is the Musicom. To change pedals and even my amp channel/springreverb in a preset makes my live easier. I changed a lot of pedals over the years, but the musicom stays on the board. The H9 in combination with the musicom an its midi capability i can get a lot of different sounds with just a push of a button. Right now im Happy with the rig. But im sure i will always try to find the perfekt OD/Distortion.

Dariusz plays in a lot of bands. Check ’em out and I’ll guess you’ll be able to hear his board in action:

Frida (Instrumental Rock), Phonogramm (German Pop Rock) and Straighters Of The Universe (SpaceElectroRockCoverVariete)